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FLASH-DRIED Black Soldier Fly Larvae  
Available in 100g, 1kg, and 5kg

Dried Black Soldier Fly larvae make an excellent addition to an insectivore's diet. They are readily consumed by songbirds, poultry, reptiles, or fishes. Our black soldier fly larvae are raised in Singapore's first insect farm with the strictest hygiene and traceability protocol. Treat your pet to this delicious and nutritious snack!  




  • FLASH-DRIED to lock in nutrients and flavour

  • High in protein and calcium

  • Produced FRESH in Singapore 

  • Farmed in zero-waste, sustainable processes

Recommended for:

- Dogs, cats, poultry, reptiles, small mammals, and other insectivorous animals 

- Incorporate into 10-20% of daily diet, or feed as a high protein meal 2-3 times a week 



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Q: What pet animals can eat flash-dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae?
A: BSF Larvae can be eaten by dogs, cats, small mammals, poultry, songbirds, and insectivorous fish. High in protein and beneficial omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, BSF can boost your pet's health. 

Q: How do I introduce flash-dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae to my pet's diet?
A: For pets that are already accustomed to eating dried insects, flash-dried BSF is easily introduced to their diet.

For animals that are new to an insect-inclusive diet, start by crushing up the BSF larvae into their existing food. The crispy and puffy texture of flash-dried BSF is easily crushed by hand. 

For dogs or cats, try mixing the BSF together with some treats like peanut butter and eggs to get them accustomed to the taste!

You may eventually substitute 20% of your cat or dog's diet with BSF larvae. Always provide fresh water and adequate nutrition for your pet. 

Q: What are the benefits of feeding my pet flash-dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae? 
A: By introducing BSF-based pet feed into your pet's diet, you are slashing significant carbon emissions that go into producing your pet's food. 

Our BSF larvae are farmed in a low-impact, zero-waste environment. Compared to chicken, beef and fish-based feeds that take up large spaces of land, are pollutive, and have high carbon emissions, switching to insect-based feeds are better for the environment. 

High in protein, calcium, and vitamin D for healthy bones, shells, fur, and feathers, this is a healthy and sustainable feed for your beloved pets! 


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