Black Soldier Fly Seed Starter Kit 
Complete with plant tags, spray bottles, and seeds

Give yourself & loved ones the gift of organic urban farming with our Complete Black Soldier Fly Seed Starting kit! This kit contains everything a budding gardener to veteran urban farmer needs to start their own little urban farm. Spread the joy of organic urban farming with our Organic Black Soldier Fly Fertiliser for a completely chemical-free growing experience that supports a sustainable circular economy.


Each kit comes with:


  • Organic Black Soldier Fly Fertilizer (750ml)

  • Seed Germination Kit w/ soil

  • Spray bottle

  • Plant Tags

  • 3x Assorted edible herb & veggie seeds

For wholesale and corporate orders, direct message us to get your dose of buggy goodness!

What is the Black Soldier Fly?

Meet the superheroes of the food waste recycling world! Insectta is Singapore's first insect farm rearing the black soldier fly. Our flies are champions at chowing down on food waste and converting it into rich fertilisers in the blink of an eye! At Insectta, they recycle over 7 tonnes of food waste a month to provide Singaporeans with a nutrient rich, odourless, organic fertiliser to support local farming. Join us as we create a circular economy!



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