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LIVE Black Soldier Fly Larvae  
Available in 30g, 100g and 500g

LIVE Black Soldier Fly larvae make an excellent addition to an insectivore's diet. They are readily consumed by songbirds, poultry, reptiles, or fishes. Our black soldier fly larvae are raised in Singapore's first insect farm with the strictest hygiene and traceability protocol. Treat your pet to this delicious and nutritious snack!  




  • Live feed stimulates the sense of insectivorous animals

  • High in protein and calcium

  • Produced FRESH in Singapore 

  • Farmed in zero-waste, sustainable processes

Recommended for:

- Dogs, cats, poultry, reptiles, small mammals, and other insectivorous animals 

- Incorporate into 10-20% of daily diet, or feed as a high protein meal 2-3 times a week


Available in SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE sizes for different sized pets  



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Q: What pet animals can eat live Black Soldier Fly Larvae?
A: BSF Larvae can be eaten by dogs, cats, small mammals, poultry, songbirds, and insectivorous fish. High in protein and beneficial omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, BSF can boost your pet's health. It is preferred by naturally insectivorous animals. Dogs, cats, and small mammals may prefer our FLASH-DRIED Black Soldier Fly larvae.

Q: How do I introduce live Black Soldier Fly Larvae to my pet's diet?
A: For pets that are already accustomed to eating live insects, live BSF is easily introduced to their diet.

For animals that are new to an insect-inclusive diet, start by slowly introducing the BSF larvae into their existing food.

You may eventually substitute 20% of your cat or dog's diet with BSF larvae. Always provide fresh water and adequate nutrition for your pet. 

Q: How do I store my BSF Larvae?
A: Please store them in a dark, cool, and dry environment. Keep them ventilated as they are living creatures that need oxygen.

Q: How long can I keep my BSF Larvae?
A: The shelf life of small BSF larvae is between 1-2 weeks, while the shelf-life of large BSF larvae is between 5-7days. 

Q: Why are my BSF Larvae turning black?
A: Your BSF larvae have begun to pupate (turn into cocoons) and are reaching the end of their shelf-life. Please use the larvae as soon as possible

Q: What is the residue amongst my BSF Larvae?
A: Your BSF Larvae box may contain trace residue of the food we feed the BSF. It is 100% plant-based and obtained from clean sources. Some odor may result due to fermentation but is otherwise safe to use.

Q: Why are my BSF Larvae warm?
A: Like us, BSF Larvae produce body heat! Please store them in a cool, dark, and ventilated area so they do not overheat.



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