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Meet the Team

Here at Insectta, we are proud to have a team comprising driven individuals from a diversity of backgrounds. Banking on our unique set of experiences to lend innovative perspectives and specialized skills, we come together to create a passionate and efficient unit. Meet Insectta:

Phua Jun Wei

Chief Scientific Officer

Jun Wei is a graduate from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelors of Sci w/ Hons in Life Sciences. Understanding the science behind insect farming is critical in developing new products for the next generation of farmers and businesses, and Jun Wei undertakes R&D proceedings with both creativity and precision. With a focus on ecological problems and environmental biology during his years in university, he is passionate about harnessing the power of science and research to pave the pioneering road to new food systems.

Ronen Arielly

Chief Financial Officer

Ronen is an investor and executive passionate about making the economy more sustainable. With an extensive experience in commodities market and managing businesses, Ronen helps with the dollars and sense of the business. After investing in several ventures, Ronen decided to dive into the fast growing insect farming industry. He believes that with the right mission, strategy team and funding a young start-up can make it big!

Chua Kai-Ning

Chief Marketing Officer

Kai is an urban farmer who wants to see innovation and technology transform our food systems. She is a graduate from the National University of Singapore with a degree in English Language and Linguistics with a firm belief that a well worded message will carry a company to greater partnerships and engagements. With a long background in campaigning for environmental issues, Kai strives to achieve tangible results from novel ideas.

In her current role as head of Marketing and Branding, she hopes to see our new food systems feed the next generation.

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