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We learn from failure, not success - The Vulcan Post

Mistakes are powerful teachers, and this article on the Vulcan Post with co-founder Kai-Ning Chua sheds light on how Insectta's journey from the first insect farm in Singapore to the first insect biotech company with proprietary biomaterial extraction processes wasn't as straightforward as most might think. Check it out and we'd love to hear some of your significant life lessons gained from mistakes in the comments. 💬

"Insectta may have started as Singapore’s first insect-focused company, when Chua Kai-Ning and her co-founders saw Black Soldier Fly’s ability to grow efficiently on organic matter and would valorise agricultural and food waste into animal feed and fertiliser.

However, with limited space, expensive manpower, a lack of experience in agriculture, coupled with the challenges of supplying animal feed and fertilisers at the price point farmers required, the team quickly realised running an insect farm in Singapore is not an easy task.

Kai-Ning and her co-founders were left with two choices: move the farm out of Singapore, or pivot the business."

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