Black Soldier Fly EGGS - $25/gram  


Our Black Soldier Fly eggs are premium quality, with a hatching guarantee. 1g of eggs yields approximately 4,000-7,000 larvae.* Our breeding flies are healthy and housed in conditions optimal for laying fertilized eggs. 


BSF eggs are a great way to begin your BSF compost bin or to hatch small-sized larvae for feeding fish fry or other insects that require micro-sized larvae. They are a great educational tool for children to demonstrate an insect life cycle from start to finish.


*Hatch rate depends on hatching conditions. Ideal hatching conditions lead to a higher hatch rate 

Black Soldier Fly EGGS

  • Black Soldier Fly eggs cannot be sent by post. Please arrange for pick up at our farm at 60 Jalan Penjara, or enjoy FREE delivery for all orders over $50

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