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Date: 25 Jan 2024
Location: Singapore, SG 

Date: 25 Jan 2024
Location: Singapore, SG 

Date: 25 Jan 2024
Location: Singapore, SG 

Date: 25 Jan 2024
Location: Singapore, SG 

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Date: 25 Jan 2024
Location: Singapore, SG 

Chemical Engineering Plant Technician

Job Description: 

Insectta is Singapore’s first Black Soldier Fly (BSF) biotech company. Well known as an innovator in the growing insect industry, Insectta develops novel technologies to extract high-value biomaterials such as chitosan, melanin and more from this insect widely utilised for its waste valorisation abilities. We elevate the potential of the BSF above just agriculture to serve industries such as pharmaceuticals, organic electronics, cosmetics, and more. 

We are expanding our team to include the role of Chemical Engineering Plant Technician that will oversee some of the most exciting developments in sustainable insect biomaterials. The Chemical Engineering Plant Technician is a well-balanced role that will tap on expertise in biochemical engineering, materials science, problem solving skills, and effective communication. Working together with our R&D team, they will scale and expand our manufacturing capabilities. 

We welcome applicants with no prior work experience for this role.


  • A Nitec, Higher Nitec, polytechnic diploma, bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Chemical Engineering or related field of study

  • Strong interest/experience in biopolymers and material science

  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Willingness to learn and work in a team

  • Must reside in Singapore


  • Execute daily manufacturing processes

  • Aid with the maintenance of the plant and machinery, including testing and fixing faults when necessary

  • Sampling and testing biomaterials, including logging data and carrying out analyses

  • Carry out quality control and inspection of the final products

  • Carry out research to improve cost, time, and sustainability efficiency



  • Please send your resume to OR,

  • Fill up the application form below (please include link to your resume or credentials) 

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Chemical Engineer Plant Technician

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