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Insectta: We Farm Insects

Updated: Feb 27

Media Literacy Disclaimer: This article may contain information that is more than two years old. Readers are urged to consider the potential for updates or developments since the original publication.

Welcome to Insectta.

We are a urban insect farm dedicated to creating for sustainable food systems. Our main crop is the humble Black Soldier Fly, an incredible member of the animal kingdom known for its ability to rapidly convert organic material into body mass.

Dedicating ourselves to our partners, investors, and customers to create quality products and meaningful social causes is an utmost priority. We work hard to ensure everything we do contributes to a more sustainable future. Our active projects range from research collaborations with institutes of higher learning, improving the sustainability of F&B establishments, and engaging in social causes. Watch our portfolio space to keep updated with our ongoing projects.

We began operations in May of 2017, and are proud to be a part of Citizen Farm, on our plot at 60 Jalan Penjara. Together, we help to sustain Citizen Farm's closed-loop farming system. Made up of young and passionate people that come from diverse backgrounds, our experiences allow us to contribute a wide-range of skill sets that combine to create a holistic team. Learn more about our team here.

Big achievements, little creatures. Together we strive for the betterment of our food systems.

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