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Feeding the 5000 Singapore

Food waste in Singapore is a growing problem. We've reached a point where food is so plentiful and our country is prosperous enough to pick and throw away food based on how they look rather than their edibility.

Feeding the 5000 Singapore is an initiative by Gone Adventurin Singapore aiming to raise awareness about this problem. Together with partnering organisations Food Bank Singapore, Food from the Heart, Free Food For All and Insectta, Feeding the 5000 collected 1.5 tonnes of edible food that would have been otherwise thrown away. On the 25th of March 2018, they turned it into a buffet spread at City Square Mall that fed 5000 people!

Insectta was a logistics partner in sourcing food for the event, and collected any kitchen and food waste left. At the end of the day, we collected 700kg of cooked and uncooked food waste that was recycled with our Black Soldier Fly Larvae!

We believe that the future of food is a sustainable one. We want to help make your next event more sustainable, contact us at

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