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Choose Your Own Adventure - Visit Insectta Virtually with The Travel Intern!

Your Task: Follow a group of close friends (Rachel, Harish, and Sam) down memory lane as they revisit 20 lesser-known locations from their childhood. Your job is to determine the exact location of a time capsule hidden by their friend Lesha.

You will play the role of “Sam” and control what happens next in this adventure. Will you ally with Rachel? Or will you follow Harish? Every decision matters as it’ll unravel hidden clues that bring you a step closer to finding the hidden time capsule and winning the grand prize.

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Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
02 jul 2023

Hi, you got a cool video. Could you help me with something? I don't have a professional camera, but I have a webcam on my laptop and I would also like to shoot a similar video for my organization. Will this app be suitable to remove the podcast?

Me gusta
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