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Insectta: Farming the Biomaterials of the Future by Hive Life

With a vision to expand the insect farming industry in Singapore, Insectta rears black soldier flies for waste valorisation and biomaterial production. Read on to learn more about how Insectta is promoting circular economies and farming the biomaterials of a sustainable future.

Insect farming is a relatively new concept for most. Instead of dealing with livestock, these companies breed, rear, and harvest insects for animal feed, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic uses.

With the aim of changing the stereotypical conception of insect farming in Singapore and the world, Insectta rears the black soldier fly to produce useful biomaterials for the manufacturing of daily products- from facial skin masks to semiconductors. We spoke to Chua Kai-Ning , the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Insectta for her insights on the insect farming industry, and how businesses can work to promote a circular economy.

Learn more at this article by Hive Life here!

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